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Human Resource Services

Business People Mingling

Human Resource management is often times an after thought for most budding enterprises. But, your people are the most fundamental and important component of your business. At Western Reserve Consulting we understand the challenges many organizations face when putting HR best practices into place. Our team has extensive knowledge in everything from talent management to benefit administration and everything in between. Let us partner with your business today and let's take care of your greatest asset... your people!

Our Services:

  • Strategic Staffing and Sourcing

    • What is your value proposition? Working for a small business often offers an opportunity for employees to make an immediate impact. Let’s work together on getting the right people in the right seats to help you meet your organizational goals. 

  • Management Training

    • Did you know that only half of managers receive formal management training?  Most managers are promoted because they are good at what they do - this doesn’t always translate into being a good manager. Let us help your managers today! 

  • Benefit Administration

    • Do you offer benefits to your employees? Would you like to offer benefits? It is a great way to retain and attract top talent.

  • Policy/Handbook Development

    • Policies are ever changing - let us keep up with changes in regulation to keep your business compliant.

  • ... And More!

    • Each business will have unique needs based on demands of clients and organizational goals. WRC recognizes that these needs will change based on internal and external factors - let us be your business partner. We aim to empower employers to surpass their goals and serve as a resource beyond any traditional consulting service.

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